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         Welcome to the Independence Party of Dutchess County 

Dennis R. Zack Chairman


        When I assumed the responsibilities' of Chairman of the Independence Party of Dutchess, one of my goals was to establish an informational web site. On July 4th, "Independence Day" our country's birthday, with this publishing, I can cross off one more goal and move on to the next which is party membership.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the People no longer believe that the two major parties can act in a way to turn around the existing movement toward financial collapse, our employment prospects and our infrastructural disrepair.
People are disenfranchised with the two major parties and know there is a strong need for a third major party, one with a
broader base and range and a voice for all independents. Now more than ever is the time to assemble our party. But party building is a procedure and building the party will take hard work, but most importantly, it will take dedication and the work of all our independent political members to pull it together. I can not accomplish these goals without help, support and  dedicated members. I am counting on you to help make this party a major entity in Dutchess County . You can do this by contributing to this web site; Information, Photos and local independence news which will be the key to its success.

If you are interested in volunteering to help build our membership, please e-mail us. We are extremely interested in having a key member in each of our towns to join an Ad Hoc advisory committee, to help in party Interviews, membership, being our eyes and ears at the local level. If interested, contact us at IPDC@gmail.com

With the introduction of this web site, we also plan on sending a "Consent Contact" Newsletter "The Torch" once every two weeks, if you would like to receive a copy send us your e-mail address. To complete the process we will have our Face Book Page ready very shortly and hopefully we will link all three together.

        I look forward to an exciting election year and to building the party. On this Independence Day I wish all members a 

        Happy Birthday and hope you bring a friend to the "party."

   Dennis R Zack

           Dutchess County Chairman